PIMS Jobs 2022 Advertisement (Online Apply)

 PIMS Jobs 2022 Advertisement (Online Apply)

People looking for jobs in the medical sector are in luck.  This is the best career path for anyone who is just starting their career.  Many people want to be a part of a major medical institute.  PIMS Jobs is offering many opportunities in its various posts.  You can be a part of this institute or any of its units.  Pimms Hospital jobs are the first option for anyone in the medical field.  The number of positions here is more than one can imagine.  This is because it is the leading medical institute of the country.

It is a famous organization which releases notification for every post opening.  All his notes are easy to access from any public channel.  In the medical field, employment benefits are greater than anywhere else.  But it starts at the top.  It is not the same for this body.  Here an employee gets high benefits irrespective of his rank.  The salary here is reasonable and higher than any other medical institute.

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The wages you earn are enough to take care of your family.  Working here will also change your lifestyle.  Apart from this, your social status will increase.  Having a public job with good benefits is not something that everyone can do.  The respect you get from these types of jobs is extraordinary.  This is the best place for people who want to help others.  Working here will help people while providing you with benefits.  No such posts.

With this many benefits, many people apply for jobs here.  It is a large organization, so the job requirements are strict.  Suppose you want to use  You must learn the criteria to be an applicant.  From here, you can find information about its jobs.  Find out about the currently open seats.  You can view wages and benefits here.  Finally, there will be an application process.

Latest Jobs Details

Organization Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

Category: Government Jobs, Healthcare Jobs

Education Minimum Graduate

Location Islamabad and across Pakistan

Website www.pims.gov.pk

Last updated on September 9, 2022.

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Information about Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences

The institute was started in 1985.  It is a government organization with its head office in Islamabad.  This body works in three major areas.  The first is its hospitals.  Three major hospitals are functioning under this institution.  These include IH, Children’s H Hospital, and MCHCC.  All these together occupy an area of ​​more than six hectares in the city.  It is also a research center.  Since its inception, its medical research has progressed at a rapid pace.  All his achievements help Pakistan advance in medicine.

This institution also works in the training sector.  Many major educational institutions work in affiliation with PIMS.  In 1989, he started QPMC.  As a major medical college, it gives many talents to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences every year.  Now you know what is the job scope here.  When a job notice comes up, it doesn’t just represent internal jobs here.  The positions it offers come from all these fields.  No matter what field you belong to, you can apply here and get a job.

List of available job positions




Medical Record Keeper•


Data Entry Operator•

computer operator

Nuclear Technician•


Telephone Operator•


store keeper•

Job requirements

Like any other institution, the job requirements here start with the age limit.  Minimum age of candidate should be 18 years for general jobs.  The maximum limit for similar jobs is 30 years.  Here the age relaxation is up to 5 years.  But the criteria for higher positions are different.  Among them are the seats of senior researchers or senior doctors.  Almost all senior positions require prior experience.  Hence the age limit goes up to 55 years.

Different posts start from general services.  The minimum education standard is 10th standard degree.  Many of these general posts require a bachelor’s degree from 12th.  For major seats, the criteria starts with a graduate degree.  Some of them require postgraduate or PhD.  Freshers can also apply for these jobs.  Many job openings are only for freshers.  They do not need any work experience.  For specialists, the standard is 1 to 5 years of work experience.

Salary and benefits

Jobs in Pimms Hospitals offer eye-catching wages to their employees.  It is a public sector institute, so the salary is similar to other government hospitals.  Salaries vary with post rank.  The salaries of doctors and other staff are higher than other hospitals.  Salary for Grade 17 posts is 40k to 50k PKR per month.  The salary of a nurse here is 150k to 300k PKR.  The benefits its employees get are better than any government or private job.  The institute gives bonus and allowance to its workers.

Medical benefits for their employees are top notch.  Employees of all ranks enjoy full medical facilities.  Free check-ups and medicines keep them connected with this institute till retirement.  After that, the retirement plan comes second for PIMS jobs.  The monthly pension they get is enough for them to live their lives without worry.  The body grants paid holidays to its employees.  You have to work in a friendly environment.  While working here, you learn many new things and gain a lot of work experience.

How to apply for jobs?

Now you know the basic instructions about this institute.  PIMS Jobs gives you multiple posts to choose from.  As long as you meet the basic criteria, you can land your dream job here.  The wages here are fair, and the benefits speak for themselves, so what’s stopping you?  Now only to apply for Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences Jobs.  To do this, you should take a look at the available posts advertised.  Apply online from its website.  From there, get the application form for your desired job.

Recruitment here consists of two phases.  You enter the selection by taking the public exam.  After getting a good score in it, you move to the next stage.  This is the final stage of recruitment.  You go to the HR interview.  The body employs innovative thinkers.  Suppose you inspire them.  You will get a job offer with its details and salary.  To apply here, you can either email your application or send it via postal service.  The application process is below.

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