NADRA Jobs 2022 Advertisement by Govt of Pakistan

 NADRA Jobs 2022 Advertisement by Govt of Pakistan

Nadra jobs

You are looking for a good job in government sector.  It will provide you good salary and job security.  Then look no further as we are bringing you a great opportunity at Nadra.  It is a very big organization of Pakistan.  And there are a number of NADRA jobs available for you to choose from for your career in NADRA.  If you want to avail this great opportunity then apply today for your bright future.  The wonderful work done in this organization is a fake name.  Nevertheless, such an opportunity should not be missed at all costs.  NADRA looks for candidates, who are skilled and hold degrees from HEC recognized institutions.  So, get your priorities straight and organize your resume in the best possible way, as this year could be your chance to secure your job at NADRA.

Latest Nadra Jobs Details

National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA)

Category Government Jobs, Service Jobs

Education beyond matriculation

Location Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and across Pakistan


Last updated on September 8, 2022.

Information about National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA).

NADRA stands for National Database and Registration Authority.  It was built by the Government of Pakistan in the year 2000.  To ensure that the process of registration and managing the national database is integrated.  As before these two are handled by two different organizations.  The constitution allows the institute to create a national list and database.  The organization has offices in almost all cities of Pakistan.  Meanwhile, the department has a professional and enthusiastic team to achieve all its objectives and goals.  It has more than 11,000 employees across Pakistan.  NADRA is responsible for issuing National Identity Cards to the citizens of Pakistan.

List of available job positions

Site Incharge


security guard

Intelligence Officer

A sweeper


Mobile developer

Database Administrator

Software engineer

Deputy Director

Salary and benefits

Over the years, the department has blessed its employees with life-changing experiences.  The benefits of working under this organization make sure to develop holistically.  Additionally, the framework includes enforceable HR policies and an appropriate IT configuration.  NADRA jobs also provide the manpower with the foundations to succeed in their careers.  By incorporating contrasting techniques, employees can effectively upgrade their skills.  An organization’s loyalty to its employees is one of the main reasons people want to work here.  One should know that such perks are hard to come by in most workplaces.  As you can see below, some of the benefits provided by NADRA to its employees are:

Friendly Collaborative Environment 

Free medical facilities for all employees

Forced learning space 

• Well-implemented HR policies.

Promising Retirement Policy 


• Bonuses and Healthy Funds

How to Apply for NADRA Jobs?

Now, you can even apply to NADRA and avail the opportunity to secure your future financially.  The application form is available on the NADRA website.  If you want this job, you have to set your goals straight.  NADRA jobs come once a year.  Although women are encouraged to apply.  Hence promoting a lot of competition for available positions.  Candidates who want to apply for the vacancies need to visit the official website  From there, the application form needs to be downloaded from the job portal.  All candidates need to fill the form with their official details.  It should be noted that providing any kind of false information, or tampering with data is definitely not acceptable.

After submission, the aspirant has to wait for the acknowledgment message sent through email or text message.  Based on the eligibility, the selection authority will issue the call letter for the interview.  During the interview, the candidate will be evaluated for their skills and good attitude.  After the interview, the selected candidates will have to undergo specific training.  Additionally, they will receive a brief session on the responsibilities they have to perform.  NADRA has a large network of offices across Pakistan.  All NADRA jobs are advertised in newspapers and websites itself.  We have provided all NADRA related requirements and vacancies below.

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