Today Latest Jobs in Pakistan 2022 – Provincial TB..


Today Latest Jobs in Pakistan 2022 – Provincial TB.

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The Provincial Tuberculosis (PTB) department is a branch of the Health Department that makes sure that all children and adults have access to proper healthcare. They also ensure that schools are properly equipped with basic supplies like desks, chairs, books and so forth.

Today Latest Jobs in Pakistan 2022 – Provincial TB.

The Provincial TB Control Programme (PTBCP) is a National TB Control Programme (NTP) component, which is being implemented in all the provinces of Pakistan. PTBCP aims to control and prevent tuberculosis through the provision of quality services to patients, improved patient outcomes and reduced transmission of TB.

The PTBCP includes five key components:

  • Screening for latent tuberculosis infection among high-risk populations with multiple risk factors;

  • Treatment initiation for latent tuberculosis infection;

  • Prevention through mass drug administration campaigns;

  • Surveillance for active cases; and * Detection, management and treatment of active cases


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