PAF Airman New Jobs 2021, PAF Join 2022 Online Registration

 PAF Airman New Jobs 2022, PAF Join 2021 Online Registration

PAF Airman New Jobs 2021, PAF Join 2021 Online Registration.  In this post, you can read information about Aerotrade 2021 upcoming jobs in paf and other Pakistan Air Force trades.  Check here, Join PAF 2021 as Airmen, Aerotrade, JoinPAF Online Registration as PF, DI, GC, Provost.  Latest Pakistan Air Force Jobs Advertisement on this page PAF Airman Jobs 2021-Pak Air Force Jobs July 2021 Join Pakistan Air Force is a pride for every Pakistani and Every person in Pakistan Air Force as an Airman  Or want to join other branches PAF Airman Jobs 2021 is officially announced for Aero Trades and GC and Provost Branches.  

PAF Jobs 2021 Trade Name:

Senior Trade Name Education

  •  Female Medical Assistant :: Matric with 60% Marks
  • Aerotrade::Metric
  • GC:: Metric
  • Provost:: Matric 
  • PF and DI:: metric
  •  supports arrow::metric.
  •  Sportsman Airman ::Metric
  • Music Trade:: Metric

PAF Airman Jobs 2021 Trade:

Female Medical Assistants:

Education: Matriculation with 60% marks

Age: 16 to 22 years

Height: 147 cm

Aero Technician Airman Trade:

Nationality Male citizens of Pakistan

Marital Status Married/Unmarried

Age 15-19 years, (15-21 years for FSc First Division)

Height 163 cm

Educational qualification

  With Matriculation in Elective Science with 60% marks in aggregate: minimum 33% marks in Physics, Elective Maths and Chemistry, and 45% marks in English (68 out of 150 or above).  From a candidate with a higher level pass.  However, in the remaining subjects only meritorious candidates with one star can be registered and tested.

  Aero Support Airman Trade:

  Male of nationality Pakistan

  Marital Conditional Married/Unmarried

  Age 16-22 years

  Height 163 cm

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